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WestJet Airlines
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Welcome to the official website of West Jet! Started with just 3 aircrafts in 1996, West Jet today has over 150 aircrafts. Growing every year West Jet fly to over 100 destinations today.

When it comes to traveling across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America, Europe and the Caribbean, what better an option than the highly coveted West-Jet Airlines? Fast emerging as one of the best passenger-service airlines in Canada, the air carrier offers frequent and affordable connections.

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If you too want to enjoy a convenient air-travel experience with West-Jet Airlines, we can help you do so by giving us a call on our Toll-Free Number. We are committed to offering you a seamless experience for all West-Jet Airlines flight bookings as well as flight cancellations, all through a simple phone call.

Our dedicated travel assistants will find the most suited flights for you, and if you need them to, book the flights in a matter of just a few seconds. And that’s not all. On all your West-Jet Airlines flight ticket bookings, we offer unmatched discounts of up to 45%! No matter, when you book your tickets, or which time of the year you wish to travel, we offer year-round discounts for one and all!

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